Everyone has a secret place that they retreat to when the bustle of the world rides wearily on one’s soul; a secret garden to rejuvenate the tired spirit, accompanied by hearty comfort food and the good cheer of loved ones. And like the physalis fruit that we have chosen to be our logo, within the confines of this safe place, we can peel of the protective layers of our societal roles and masks; akin to the golden brown husks of the fruit, and reveal the heart of who we really are inside without worry or concern. Where ever we are, we search for nourishing food and sincere connections, hence here at Secret Garden 家園私房菜 - we aspire to nourish each person that comes through our doors with a variety of wholesome home-cooked Taiwanese cuisine, focusing on the freshness and original taste of natural ingredients - food that reminds you of home, family comfort, and heartfelt simplicity; served in a peaceful garden-like oasis. We invite you to indulge in daily moments of comforting peace with us, and make this your own Secret Garden.

Meet the Team

Founded in September 2016, and launched in October 2016 - the founders of Secret Garden 家園私房菜 spared no expense in creating an environment that would bring to life the oasis they envisioned - and thus engaged not just culinary artists to bring to life the delicious Taiwanese cuisine they wish to serve, but also award-winning designers in both graphic design, Celine Wong (Lihua); and interior design, Stephanie Loh (Yong Studio); as well as a special mural painting depicting a beautiful and mystical love story by Malaysian painter, XO.


Katrina Wong


Born into a humble family where her father was a fishmonger and her mother sold delicious Nyonya nasi lemak, Katrina grew up in Kuala Lumpur nourished by fresh daily home-cooking - fuelling her passion for cooking since a young age. Due to financial concerns, instead of venturing to pursue her passion, she decided to work hard in the automotive industry to raise funds to open her first restaurant - the successful hotpot restaurant, YeZi at The Roof, Bandar Utama. Within one year, YeZi received 8 awards in the 2015 Malaysian International Gourmet Festival. And now, in her quest to soar even higher in making her mark in the culinary industry, Katrina recently co-founded Secret Garden 家園私房菜 with the mission to bring the goodness of healthy and fresh ingredients through a Taiwanese culinary experience. Besides travelling widely to explore different food preparations and flavours from other cultures, Katrina is passionate about exploring and have been an avid diver since she was 21.


Andrew Tan

Serial Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist

Hailing from Batu Pahat, Johor, Andrew is, and have been a serial entrepreneur from a very young age - having built businesses to see them go bust, yet resolutely bouncing back again and again. His rags-to-riches story is inspirational and heartwarming, and his rich experiences in what it takes to build successful businesses have him being vied as an entrepreneur to take note of. Having been covered by the likes of Tatler to Bloomberg, Andrew is usually found on a stage inspiring others when he is not building forward-thinking businesses, or deep sea diving. Now he is venturing into the F&B business with Secret Garden 家園私房菜, and like everything he attempts - he gives it his 100%!


CS Lim

Business Entrepreneur & Investor

His apparent youth belies the well of wisdom, influence and business savvy CS has with regards to entrepreneurship and investing. Hailing from Penang, he has vested interests in the retail, marketing and entertainment industry. When he is not building more businesses utilising the astute financial knowledge he possess, CS enjoys travelling, and has a deep passion for culinary delights - hence inspiring him to now venture into the industry with the co-founding of Secret Garden 家園私房菜.